Fabio Nunes Teixeira was born in São Paulo on October 29, 1983 .

In 2005 , on a trip to South America , he discovered his passion for photography, especially for travelling and nature. 
Fabio is educated in professional photography by the International School of Photography Grisart located in Barcelona , Spain.  Fabio has a visual culture oriented to portray different behaviors, identities and landscapes.

Seeking to improve in the professional field of audiovisual , he also attended theTechnical Audio and Video School: “Jornalista Roberto Marinho” in Sao Paulo.and  Advertising Production by Centro Universitário FMU - FIAM FAAM. He also holds a Lato Sensu Postgraduate Degree in Communication, Semiotics and Visual Languages ​​from the Municipal University of São Caetano do Sul.

Currently Fabio is a photographic reporter by Guarulhos City Hall in São Paulo. He also operates in projects, shows , rehearsals, trips and events .